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Beaverton Schools

Parent Teacher Organization

Did you know… ALL parents, guardians and staff are automatically members of the PTC and are invited to attend monthly General PTC meetings? As a member you are also encouraged to vote, give input and suggestions, volunteer for school events or maybe even become a Chair Person.

The Hiteon Parent Teacher Club (PTC) is a non-profit group and membership is free.  The PTC is intended to enhance and support the educational experience at Hiteon and to develop a closer connection between school and home by encouraging parent involvement.

The PTC meets once a month to discuss school activities and events, committee updates, fund raising projects, and future enhancements. The meetings are open to everyone. Attending these meetings is a great way to learn more about what is going on in the school and also learn more about ways to get involved. You are encouraged to attend; your presence really does make a difference!

The PTC is headed by the Executive Board whose elected members serve a 1-2-year term.  The board meets monthly along with the Principal to discuss the school budget, agenda and current needs.  The PTC also has a system of approximately 30 committees. Generally, one or two people chair each committee, leading activities, coordinating volunteers and keeping records. The committees are staffed by volunteers and supported by parent fundraising.

Throughout the year the PTC organizes programs like Art Literacy, Science Fair, Bingo Night, Reading Incentive, and Passport Club. We also provide cash grants to Hiteon Staff, assemblies, field trips, sound systems, technology upgrades, playground equipment and school furnishing.  In 2010, we helped fund an Artist in Residence project that left our school with beautiful art work created by our students.

We also maintain bulletin boards and decoration support for current events happening in the school.  Another area of our organizing includes service projects like health screening and clothing donation support and many other’s that improve our overall community.

Please come see what the PTC is all about by joining us at a meeting or volunteering!  

Please check out our Hiteon PTC Website.